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Air Cargo is still the quickest way to bring your goods to any destination in the world.
With a huge agent network and advanced multimodal logistics solutions, Evrasia Logistiques air freight services provide competitive and personalized solutions for your air cargo needs. As a certified International Air Transport Association (IATA) partner, we can transport your cargo anywhere in the world. We have freight agents’ network covering more than 100 locations in over 50 countries. With us, you can benefit from the services of first-class airlines with excellent transportation connections, and continuous shipment tracking. No matter your needs and requirements, we have a variety of service types for urgent or large cargo shipments. Our business is dedicated to making your business run smoothly. We will assess your unique shipping needs and be able to give you an accurate quote based on your exact needs.



There are some factors to consider why air freight is your best choice to ship your goods internationally:

Speed – Need to ship something fast? The average amount of time that it takes for a shipment to arrive from China to North America is usually less than 4 days by air. This includes the loading of cargo from the warehouse, transportation to the airplane, flight time, unload time, and transportation to a storage warehouse on/near the airport.

Reliability – The assurance that your packages will arrive at their destination on time and intact is key to why people choose air freight. Shipping by air provides better tracking and the peace of mind you want to have to run your business smoothly. While ships can get delayed for days because of bad weather at sea, this is usually not the case with air freight.

Safety – The Air Freight is generally better handled than the Ocean Freight. Even if often more expensive the Air Freight is the securest way to move your shipments.


As stated above, sending shipments internationally by air is one of the most efficient ways to send valuable products overseas without them being damaged. As such, many companies rely on air freight to make sure their businesses run efficiently with minimal expenses as possible. This is where choosing the best air freight forwarder comes into place in order to make this entire process a breeze. With Evrasia Logistiques, you will have the peace of mind that your cargo is in the best possible hands and arrives in a timely manner. Below you can find some common items that are shipped through our air freight services:

Electronics – In this day of age, electronics are rapidly evolving, and becoming smaller and more valuable at the same time. This is what makes them one of the largest and most profitable items being air shipped right now around the globe

Clothing – with a small volume, and a high price, it makes it an ideal item to ship overseas for good profit margins

Valuable medical equipment – with there being no margin of error as far as damage, most medical equipment is shipped by air these days to ensure safety

Fresh goods – fresh produce and food imports from other countries are shipped through the air in order to make sure nothing spoils and gets to its destination as fresh as it can be

Pharmaceuticals / Biological samples – time sensitive samples and medicine, due to their small volume and high price, are the ideal items to have shipped by air

Event or exhibit material – if you are planning a music show, or having a display with certain valuable exhibits, due to the safety, and once again speedy transfer component, air freight is the only way to go

Industrial spare parts – if you have large parts that are part of a vehicle, or an industrial machine, and need to get them overseas in a timely fashion, we can help you choose the right carrier to make those plans a reality in a timely fashion

Time-sensitive material – a large variety of time-sensitive products and goods (including newspaper and post)


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Below, you will find the necessary information to answer any general questions you might have and take the next step in organizing your air shipment needs.



Transit time 2-3 days

● Fastest shipments worldwide
● Last-minute capacity access
● Priority Air options
● Faster availability at the destination airport
● Accelerated handling


Transit time 2-3 days

● Fast shipments nationwide and internationally
● Affordable prices
● Suitable for all kinds of commodities
● Flexible routing and schedule
● Personalized handling


  • Dangerous goods, abbreviated DG, are items or substances that when transported are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Hazardous materials are substances, solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) manual is the global reference for shipping dangerous goods by air and the only standard recognized by airlines.


  • This service is provided by an aircraft designed or modified to carry only goods on pallets or in bulk. Depending on the type of aircraft, generally, the cargo doors of widebody passenger airplanes are not bigger than L 260 cm x H 162 cm. Freighter service allows you to transport large objects which have bigger than the above-mentioned dimensions. This type of service can be irreplaceable when in need to ship a large item overseas. Due to our flexible multimodal services, we are able to offer our customers freighter service from Canada and the USA to a very large number of locations in the world.


Appropriated rigid package material which doesn’t increase the weight and the volume too much.

No, the price is calculated based on actual or volumetric weight (whichever is higher)

(L cm x W cm x H cm) / 6000 is the volumetric weight in kilograms.

Yes, you must first know the Air Waybill (AWB) number, also known as an air consignment note, and go on the site of the carrier. Below you can find a link to the most common tracking site that we use with over 195 airlines. TRACK AIR CARGO

All IATA airlines reimburse for a maximum of USD 20 per kilo for any damages or loss of cargo.

○ Yes, you can ask us for an offer. We are able to offer “total loss” and “all risks” insurance. All risk policies usually carry a deductible and include the Total Loss policy and cover everything. Total Loss policy covers the loss of a complete cargo but usually does not cover any partial damage done to your goods. Both policies are exempt from any “Acts of God”, that might occur and cause the loss of your goods.